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Perfect Group was formed with the establishment of Perfect TMX TMT in 2014 as an integrated private sector company embodied of three experienced and technically sound pioneers, namely Lhaki Steels and Rolling Private Limited, Bhutan Rolling Mills Limited, and Bhutan Steel Industries Limited (aka Druk Iron and Steel Limited). Since then, Perfect Group has expanded and has under its banner the following companies: Perfect Roofing, Perfect Composites, Perfect Enterprises, and Perfect Builders Store Limited. Perfect Group aims to provide easy access to quality hardware and construction materials to all their valued customers.

Perfect TMX TMT produces top-quality reinforcement bars under the brand name, Perfect Thermex TMT, under Grade FE500, to match any international standards. Our re-bars come in sizes of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm & 40mm of Fe 500 grade.  They also produce a range of products such as plain bars, wires, and nails of various sizes. 

Perfect Roofing produces PPGL roofing sheets that are coated with a galvalume mixture which are pre-painted with the color of your choice and are nine times more corrosion resistant than the PPGI roofing sheets. Perfect Roofing aims to be the Bhutanese Roofing Solution for building a Perfect Home.  

Perfect Composites makes Fiber (Fiberglass in our case) Reinforced Polymer products, which are made by activating resin with a catalyst or hardener to form a polymer matrix during which glass fibers in our case are added to reinforce the matrix to form a light, strong and durable composite material. These materials have long been used in many of the items that we come across in our daily lives. Even the airplane body is made of this same composite material. Perfect Composite products range from traditional Bhutanese architectural components like Boh, Phana, Tshechu khanyim, Zhu, Dhingri, etc. to FRP Doors and Windows (without shutters) to flower vases crafted to suit traditional designs, traditional Bhutanese masks (BAAP), and furniture with traditional Bhutanese carvings (PATA).

Perfect Enterprise is the trading arm of Perfect TMX TMT. While this sister concern currently trades re-bars, cement, and other building materials, it is being developed to offer a one-stop-shop solution for all building materials. Perfect Enterprise holds the sole distributorship of Perfect TMX TMT and supplies all the steel products of the company through its outlets in Phuentsholing and Wangduephodrang. 

Perfect Builder’s Store Limited is a one-stop hardware solution that caters to all hardware requirements for a smooth building. As a hardware solution, PBSL stands out for its high quality of goods and services. At PBSL, customers can get hardware and construction materials from major brands such as Berger, Total Tools, Hindware, Gold Medal, Johnson tiles, Birla, Spider, and British Standard. PBSL also serves as an outlet to retail the products of its sister concerns such as Perfect TMX TMT rebars, Perfect Roofing, Perfect Composites’ products, etc.

Quality is not a statement at Perfect Group, it is a way of life. Today, their products are approved for supply to major hydropower projects in Bhutan and to the eastern and north-eastern states of India. Recognized for quality, their products are considered at par with reputed steel manufacturing brands in India. Their rolling mills are certified under BIS (IS 1786:2008), ISO 9001, Bhutan Standards Bureau, and THERMEX.

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